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Brandy Melville x vinted
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in love with my new leggings 
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please dont delete text, it wont show up on blog,
hihi me and bailey decided we would do a o2L themed tumblr awards just because :~)
Rules & such:

you must be following me((doingbieber)) and bailey((blondestfu)) we will check the day we pick
reblogs only((reblogging more will get you noticed))
this much reach 50+ notes or this didn’t happen sorry
there will be one winner and 4 runner ups
winners will be posted on April 25((you have more than 2 weeks to reblog))


Best icon((2))
Best posts((2))
Best sidebar((2))
Best url((2))
Best theme((2))
Best sidebar((2))
Best mine page((2))
Best personality((2))
Best non-quality((2))
Sam Pottorff((Stephanie’s favorite))
Connor Franta((Bailey’s favorite))
Ricky Dillon((runner up))
Kian Lawley((runner up))
Jc Caylen((runner up))
Trevor Moran((runner up))
O2L((best overall))

Winners will recieve:

a link on our both our blogs for a week
runner up can get a reblog from their mine/face pages
a solo promo
best overall winner will get an edited theme((from Stephanie if they want one))

Get reblogging! 
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thats comforting
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