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It was amazing, but I forgot my second lens that zooms to about 300, so I couldn’t get any quality photos of Ed :(
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Does a day go by without me taking a photo of my phone?
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Another iPhone picture; I’m sorry
hi! I just fell in love with your blog! I'm on a pc and I have no idea why but when I try to hover over your links it doesn't work and im trying to find your themes. because im looking for some and im really looking for some quality themes. if you could give me a direct link that would be cool c:

Dear bac0nata,

The blog url is

sorry im on mobile so i cant link it but yeaah :)

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i cant tell if this should go on my humor blog or quality blog
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Hey! Look at my uggs
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here’s my total white girl starbucks picture for the day

q’d (u can see on my blog why i’m thirsty)
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